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Bronx Regional High School & Council on the Environment
South Bronx

Began ComNET: Spring 2002

Council on the Environment of NYC

Students conduct survey
Students in a Council on the Environment of New York City class at Bronx Regional High School in the South Bronx received training from FCNY staff and carried out surveys of blocks near the school building.

FCNY staff worked closely with the Council staff and the Board of Education teacher to ensure that students received thorough training, technical support and ongoing feedback about the data they were collecting.

The students learned to identify and document a wide range of incidents, changed their initial impressions about the type and number of problems in the blocks near their school, and gained an understanding of the various government agencies responsible for addressing the problems they discovered.

Commissioner visits school
FCNY requested that the Bronx Borough Commissioner of the Department of Transportation come to meet with the class, after the students identified her agency as the one responsible for the majority of the incidents surveyed.

recording vacant lots and dumping

The students presented reports and maps with ComNET survey results and spoke about the surveys and their findings. Both the Commissioner and the class afterwards told the Fund that it had been a highly positive experience. The Commissioner was impressed with the precision and accuracy of the students' information, and by the way in which they presented it to her.


recording graffiti

"I have learned that there are actually agencies that we can talk to, to solve the problems." -bronx high school student

ComNET team with Community Board District Manager

Students speak about ComNET
"I feel good that me and my classmates got a chance to report major problems that we see in our neighborhood."

"I have learned that there are actually agencies that we can talk to, to solve the problems."

"I felt like it was a very good experience because it changed my overview about our neighborhood."

"... it has changed the way that I look at things in my neighborhood because before I started doing research on these problems I honestly didn't care."

"I learned that the government should do its job in keeping the community good for its citizens that live in the community. The Commissioner changed the way that I thought about the government because she actually came out and spoke to us."