Spectrum, April 2007
Article in Resident Newsletter

IRVING, TX — South Austin Heights has been selected as the first Irving community to benefit from the city's new Neighborhood Enhancement Program. It is designed to promote neighborhood revitalization and long-term sustainability of improvements through a partnership between the city and the neighborhood. The program also supports the city's Strategic Plan, which encourages vital and vibrant neighborhoods, and will focus on making improvements to the community by identifying and addressing issues of common concern.

Community engagement meetings are currently under way with South Austin Heights residents. The kickoff meeting was held in early March at Austin Middle School, where more than 70 people attended, including 45 neighborhood residents. The residents are in the process of forming a neighborhood association.

The enhancement program will consist of four steps. The first will be an on-site assessment in April of the neighborhood's current condition through handheld computer software made available through a grant. Then, a comprehensive neighborhood plan will be developed to address the needs of the neighborhood.

This will be followed by development of an implementation strategy to put the plan into action. The final step involves the incorporation of a sustainability plan to ensure that improvements will be maintained once the city begins the process in other neighborhoods.

“What we would like to see happen as a result of the program is a more unified neighborhood where residents will enjoy the improvements made in the area through their direct involvement in the process,” said Police Chief Larry Boyd. “We also hope to take advantage of the learning opportunities presented during the project to keep it innovative as future applications are made.”

South Austin Heights is bounded by Pioneer Drive on the south, Union Bower Road on the north, Britain Road on the west and Nursery Road on the east. For more information, call Planning and Development at (972) 721-2426.