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ComNET results...

Communities report that many problems have been addressed as a result of ComNET reports being given to city agencies. Here are some examples:

New York City approved a $6 million project to reconstruct a street, in a business improvement district, that has pervasive ponding problems.

A community district manager used our ComNET data and Street Smoothness survey to develop her annual budget request to the City for transportation improvement and got what she requested!

A ComNET survey conducted by a neighborhood group revealed where trees were missing. This information helped the Department of Parks plan re-plantings more efficiently. There are now trees instead of tree pits!

A ComNET survey helped the Department of Environmental Protection locate and efficiently replace missing caps on local fire hydrants.

The Department of Transportation installed 13 pedestrian ramps on the curbs in the Lower East Side after a ComNET survey identified precisely where disabled persons did not have access.

ComNET reports helped one area notice that an interagency task force was needed to address many problems on one block. The task force was created and the problems were resolved.

ComNET reports helped several communities identify the specific places where refuse collection and cleanup needed to be concentrated. Agencies were then able to target their resources appropriately.

in addition...

Many communities from various parts of the city are now preparing to start ComNET in their area.

Many other cities are about to or want to start ComNET.

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