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Times Square

ComNET in the heart of big apple
CMGP began working with the Times Square Business Improvement District (TSBID) on a pilot survey of selected blocks in their BID. The pilot area, known as the "Bowtie" includes some of the busiest streets of a generally busy district.

An estimated 30 million people pass through Times Square in one year.

Graduate students conduct survey
After a successful pilot survey of selected blocks, the Times Square Business Improvement District (TSBID) hired two interns to do ComNET surveys of the entire BID. FCNY trained the interns and TSBID staff members on use of the handheld computer and ComNET software. After the training, the interns went out into Times Square for a practice survey under the supervision of FCNY staff. They then learned how to upload data from the handheld computer to a desktop and then over the internet to ComNET Connection. The interns then began to carry out regular surveys of the area to identify and track conditions.

Reports presented to Commissioner
The BID used reports and maps produced by FCNY in a meeting with the Borough Commissioner of the Department of Transportation to show the pervasiveness of certain problems that were identified in the first survey and had not been ameliorated by the completion of the third survey. The success of the pilot led the BID to plan ongoing surveys of the entire district.


ComNET training

recording street level conditions

recording street level conditions

ComNET Connection training