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How ComNET helps...

ComNET gives local government and communities a basis to discuss verifiable neighborhood conditions and to better understand each other's concerns.

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How ComNET benefits communities...

ComNET enables community residents to quickly, accurately and simply survey their neighborhoods and produce reports without being overwhelmed by the time-consuming paperwork that has so frequently impeded community survey work in the past.

It enables community residents to join together to review neighborhood conditions, learn which agencies are responsible for the wide array of street level conditions, determine community priorities and communicate them to government, explore alternative approaches to remedying conditions and easily track how conditions change over time.

After government representatives review ComNET reports, they have an opportunity to provide explanations and information of interest to local residents concerning the situations that have been reported. Subsequent tracking by the residents provides additional feedback so that government and the public are in closer communication.

ComNET benefits local government...

ComNET serves to enhance government’s information about existing street level conditions and problems -- ComNET teams serve as extra “eyes” for government. ComNET provides government with street level information in useful, new ways: by street, block, agency jurisdiction, condition and local neighborhood.

ComNET reports enable government to formulate more efficient approaches to ameliorate frequently observed problems in nearby locations at the same time, instead of responding in a sporadic fashion as individual complaints are registered.

ComNET’s consistent, verifiable reports and digital images help agencies determine strategies for remedying reported conditions including strategies involving interagency coordination and cooperation.

And ComNET’s reporting processes allow government to learn of community priorities and concerns so that they can communicate about them, dispel misinformation and provide needed information.

ComNET not only facilitates the reporting of problems; it also provides opportunities for the public to congratulate government on work accomplished.

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