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MetroTech, Downtown Brooklyn

Began ComNET: July 13th, 2002

MetroTech BID

When MetroTech Business Improvement District in downtown Brooklyn conducted a survey of Willoughby Street, they discovered that rainwater did not drain properly into the sewers and that the street collected large pools of water after every rainfall, a problem otherwise known as ponding. After the MetroTech BID referred the problem to Department of Transportation, the city approved a $6 million project to reconstruct the street.

Some Quotes from Executive Director, Mike Weiss.

“Comnet made our next step viable” “We didn’t know how to look at streets, in the level of detail that was needed.”

“Comnet pushed the envelope for what we were looking at. It sensitized us and gave us clues as to what was going on in our area.”

“Comnet is great for us when we have to go to our Board of Directors.  Shows how well we know our own area, helps with acceptance of BID.”


brooklyn BID

recording street level conditions

recording street level conditions