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Why ComNET?

We found through our focus group research that people judge government performance by an array of observable street level conditions.

They conclude that government performance needs improvement when they see such things as:

  overflowing wastebaskets
  broken street lights
  rodent infestation
  dead trees
  trip hazards


street level condition - litter

Typically in cities, many different government agencies have jurisdiction over some aspects of street level conditions. Most people do not isolate one agency from another. ComNET helps communities identify and document conditions in their neighborhood and determine which city agencies or other organizations are responsible.


ComNET survey


The Advantages of ComNET...

ComNET easily captures data

ComNET introduces easily operated hand-held computers to community organizations so that street level conditions can be quickly and easily captured by surveyors from neighborhood groups. Community groups do not have to spend time creating their own survey forms, methods, and procedures.

ComNET quickly produces clear reports

ComNET is a vast improvement over the paper and pencil surveys, which require more time to implement and are difficult to collate. Reports identify the exact location of the conditions to help government agencies address them.

ComNET helps communities sort through the administrative maze

ComNET is programmed to automatically link the conditions found and recorded to the agencies responsible for curing the problems because before ComNET, there was no easy way to capture all these conditions and report them to government or other responsible organizations.

recording conditions