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The Center on Municipal Government
guides you through the following ComNET processes and procedures.

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Consulting with the Community

Community members confirm and/or add to CMGP's core list of street level conditions that they want to track.


CMGP trains community representatives in an orientation to use the hand-held computer and learn the principles of ComNET.

Assembling Teams and Determining Route

Teams of at least two people each assess an area (identified by the community group), working systematically along a predetermined route.

Collecting Data

Street level environment conditions are recorded in a uniform, verifiable and replicable manner on handheld computers. CMGP provides technical assistance.

Taking Pictures

The camera connection to the computer enables the survey team to link the record with a picture, which serves to further verify and describe the condition.

Uploading Data

Data collected in the hand-held computers are loaded into desktop computers.

  » ComNET Connection

This easy to use database hosted by CMGP allows ComNET users to upload survey data via the Internet and quickly design and generate reports from their surveys.

Generating Reports

Summary and detailed reports are created quickly.

Reviewing Reports

Reports are reviewed and discussed by the community to determine priorities and desirable next steps

Notifying Government Agencies or Other Responsible Organizations

Reports are referred to the appropriate government agencies or other responsible organizations at the community's discretion.

Following Up and Conducting New Surveys

Community representatives perform follow-up assessments to track agency responses and to identify any new problems.

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