Nonprofit Capacity Plus for Dance and Theater

In its development of Nonprofit Capacity Plus, the Fund focused much of its attention on dance and theater companies. These arts organizations give New York City its position as a world capital of culture. In fact, it is impossible to imagine life in New York City without them. However, many of New York City's 330 dance companies, 375 off-Broadway theaters, 150 museums and 96 orchestras are challenged by having limited resources to support their creative output.

Through Nonprofit Capacity Plus, small and mid-sized dances and theater companies, as well as very small companies without a space, can have a robust administrative and management base from to which to operate with greater ease and success.

Over twenty cultural nonprofits are using The Cultural Enterprise Suite, which is the Nonprofit Capacity Plus for dance and theater companies.

Among the dance and theater companies the Fund is working with include: 3-Legged Dog, Art & Technology Center, Art in General, Asian American Arts Alliance, Battery Dance Company, Blue Coyote Theater, Clubbed Thumb, DCTV, Def Dance Jam, The Flea Theater, HERE Arts Center, New Dance Alliance, New York Chinese Cultural Center, Prospect Theater Company, Tami Stronach Dance and Vampire Cowboys.

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