Nonprofit Capacity Plus

Nonprofit organizations are essential to creating vibrant communities and healthy economies. As indispensable as these institutions are to New York, they rarely have sufficient resources to perform their essential management and administrative functions or to invest in technology.

As a leader in developing innovative, technology-based management solutions, the Fund for the City of New York has created an integrated array of management applications, Nonprofit Capacity Plus. The Fund develops robust, intuitive, easy-to-use, management applications and then customizes, populates and installs these tools. The Fund always provides training and ongoing support as needed.

Used together, the components of Nonprofit Capacity Plus provide a nonprofit with a high functioning, streamlined office operation, which is also a virtual office. Staff working from many different locations where there is Internet access can work with almost the same coordination as if they were in the office.

Five components currently make up the integrated set of the tools of Nonprofit Capacity Plus (NCP).

  • Systems Assessment, a physical exam for computer systems
  • InsideCentral, an online filing cabinet
  • Connex, a project management tool with a dynamic calendar
  • Metrix, a contact management database
  • WebRight, a multi-media content management system that adds audio, video, newsfeeds, podcasts and site-wide searches to an existing site and provides staff a way to create new content and update the site with ease

If you are interested in working with the Fund, call or email Jill Borrero at 212-925-6675;


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