Nonprofits often work simultaneously on a number of projects, which involve many people, who may be working in the office, at home, at another site or while traveling.

Connex is a versatile web-based, project management tool with a dynamic calendar that keeps projects on track and teams connected, coordinated and with access to all the documents and files they need. The central features of Connex include:

  • a calendar function that supports a master calendar and as many color-coded subcalendars as needed
  • calendar entries that can include attachments—documents, photographs, video and audio files
  • the capacity to inform automatically by email changes affecting all participants who are assigned to a subcalendar or an individual event
  • the capacity to organize and archive all the files, documents and images by project, by date or by type of event
  • the capacity to be easily edited and updated using the built-in page editor
  • the capacity for users to have different levels of access

If you are interested in working with the Fund, call or email Jill Borrero at 212-925-6675;


Screenshots of Connex


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Documents related to Vendetta Chrome Production on Clubbed Thumb's Connex


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Detail from Calendar from Clubbed Thumb's Connex


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Calendar from Clubbed Thumb's Connex

"Connex helps us and me tremendously. I am a multitasker and knowing that all of the necessary documents are at my fingertips gives me huge relief. I know that when I put the kids to bed I can go online, put my password in and get access to financial papers in the comfort of my home. With Connex I no longer print important documents and carry them back home or email them to myself to work on them. No more wasting time and paper."

—Joann Casado, Executive Director, The Bronx Health Link, Morrisania, Bronx



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