Nonprofits need to keep track of huge numbers of people—clients, funders, donors, students, volunteers—and events. For many nonprofits, this information is scattered across Excel files, email address books, Word documents, paper lists, ad hoc databases and even individual business cards. Finding a database that is affordable, expandable and features a simple query and report system is one of the most difficult tasks an executive director faces. As one said, "It is a nightmare." 

Metrix is a contact management database built by the Fund specifically to meet the needs of nonprofit organizations. Metrix can:

  • Track all interactions with clients, members, volunteers, staff, donors, mentors, organizations, families, foundations, government agencies and corporations
  • Organize and analyze revenue by source—grants, contracts, fees, individual donations—payment status and project/program designation    
  • Build mailing lists and track communications by contact, contribution level, demographics, geography, previous mailings and attendance
  • Eliminate duplicates from mailing lists automatically

Fund staff installs Metrix on a nonprofit's computers ready to use—with its existing data uploaded and configured. Click here for additional information on Metrix.

If you are interested in working with the Fund, call or email Jill Borrero at 212-925-6675;



"The Fund changed The Flea's life because with Metrix we finally had the ability to access all our Excel files and merge mailing lists. This was truly a large feat for the tiny Flea. Before this, we had a mailing list for each and every show and had to go through the labels to find duplicates... A dumb task for anyone to accomplish and usually done poorly. Today our mailing lists can be sorted by theater, dance or music, who came to what production, zip code, donor, member. We can sort by any input field we create. It has made a huge difference in our ability to make art, which is what we are supposed to do."

—Carol Ostrow, Producing Director, The Flea Theater


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