Systems Assessment

The technology systems of many nonprofits are cobbled together and rarely reliable. Fund staff provide a comprehensive diagnosis of organizations' current computer systems and helps them get the hardware, software and network configurations they need within their budgets.
Fund staff provide:

  • Assessments of agencies' technology infrastructure, including hardware, software and network configurations
  • Specifications of equipment needed, if any, and procurement at the best price
  • Installation and configuration of new hardware and software
  • Creation of comprehensive back-up and recovery plans
  • Support and mentoring for agencies' IT staff or "accidental techies"
  • On-site training for staff and training for new employees as changes occur
  • Assistance via desktop streaming, phone, email and on-site visits

The Fund hosts all web applications and user data on its secure servers.

If you are interested in working with the Fund, call or email Jill Borrero at 212-925-6675;


"The Systems Assessment and ongoing support was and is incredible. We had such old computers that there was not enough memory and the processing speed was so slow. So the first thing that happened was that we got new computers. It changed my life because I could finally see the screen without glasses."

—Carol Ostrow, Producing Director, The Flea Theater


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