As essential as having a dynamic website site is for nonprofits today, many struggle to keep their websites up to date with relevant and engaging content.

WebRight is a multi-lingual multi-media content management system with a built-in page editor that can be adapted to any website design. WebRight allows staff to:

  • Update web content easily with only basic computer skills
  • Build pages, portfolios, slideshows, virtual tours
  • Attach files, digital photos, audio and video
  • Maintain a public calendar of scheduled events
  • Link to third-party donation or ticket-selling sites 
If you are interested in working with the Fund, call or email Jill Borrero at 212-925-6675; jborrero@fcny.org.



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 "I hadn't been able to edit my old website for two and a half years. The only thing I would try to change occasionally was one line to announce an upcoming performance and for that I would have to pay someone $45. WebRight makes it so easy. I love it and everything is up-to-date."

—Tami Stronach, Artistic Director, Tami Stronach Dance


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