Web Factory

In response to the needs of nonprofit organizations to have reliable, well-designed and easy-to-maintain websites, the Fund for the City of New York has created The Web Factory. The Web Factory offers a range of website solutions—from Off-the-Rack to Altered-to-Fit to Couture sites.

All sites are powered by the Fund-developed, multi-media content management system, which provides staff a way to create new content and update a site with ease. Fund staff will register the domain name, populate the site with content, train staff and provide free hosting for the life of the site in the Fund's Data Center. Fund staff can handle all elements of web projects from design to programming to integration with back-end databases.

OFF-THE-RACK, a straightforward solution for a flat fee

For organizations with limited budgets and time, the Fund has created ready-to-use templates that can be customized, populated and online within hours.

ALTERED-TO-FIT, a new engine for an existing website

For organizations that like the current content and design of their website but wish their site did more, the Fund has developed the capacity to make these sites easy-to-update and equipped with audio, video, newsfeeds, podcasts and site-wide searches. Whether a site is simple or filled with features, the Fund staff can tailor it to meet evolving needs.

HAUTE COUTURE, a full design experience

For organizations that desire a unique web presence that persuasively communicates its vision, the Fund's team will design and program these sites from scratch.

If you are interested in working with the Fund, call or email Jill Borrero at 212-925-6675; jborrero@fcny.org.


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