Technology Consulting

Decades into the Information Age, many nonprofits still have difficulty finding and affording assistance to create and maintain the right technology to support their organizations. Since the mid 1970s, the Fund has been committed to working with nonprofits to make sure that they have the equipment, training, knowledge and skills to use technology to maximum benefit.

The Fund provides these services at an hourly ($125 an hour) rate or at a price per project. The Fund will also act as an organization's full-service IT provider on an annual contract basis.

The Fund's technology consulting staff is equipped to:

  • Trouble shoot day-to-day problems via desktop streaming, phone, email and on-site visits  
  • Assess, replace, upgrade and/or expand an agency's technology system, including hardware, software and network configurations
  • Specify, procure at the best price, configure and install all new hardware and software
  • Develop long-term agency technology plans
  • Create comprehensive back-up and recovery plans
  • Support and mentor IT staff and "accidental techies"
  • Upgrade and modify existing databases, including Metrix
  • Provide customized training onsite or at the Fund in computer basics and software applications

If you are interested in working with the Fund's Technology Consultants, call or email Joshua Peskay at 212-925-6675;


Joshua Peskay, Director of Technology Consulting


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