Information On Filing Criminal Charges

If you are the victim of family violence you should call the police at 911.

Criminal charges can be filed in either the District Attorney or Solicitor's office, usually at the county courthouse.

There are no costs to file criminal charges and the District Attorney or Solicitor should prosecute in these criminal matters. You will have to appear and testify.

Many counties also have Victim's Assistance Programs to assist victims of crime. To find out if your county has one, call the District Attorney's office in your county.

Georgia also has a Crime Victim's Compensation Program. Victims who have been physically injured in violent crimes like family violence and has reported it promptly to the police, can apply to receive money compensation to help pay for:

  • medical expenses
  • funeral expenses
  • economic loss (like lost wages.)
Call (404)559-4949 for more information on the Crime Victim's Compensation Program.

You can file both a petition for a family violence protective order and criminal charges.