Arvind Sindhwani

Community Planning Fellow • 2021

University/College New York University

Arvind Sindwhani


Arvind Sindhwani is an Urban Planning master’s candidate at New York University’s School of Public Service. A native of New York, Arvind grew up in Westchester County, and attended New York University where he earned a B.A. in Urban Design this year. Previously, Arvind worked at the Regional Plan Association and the SoHo Broadway Initiative, and now currently works for The Office of the Public Advocate. He initially became interested in housing after attending land use committee meetings at various community boards at the beginning of his undergraduate career. At Arvind’s first planning internship, he researched municipal inclusionary zoning policies in the New York Metropolitan Area, which also jump started his passion for housing. He is primarily interested in affordable housing policy through land use changes, and plans to pursue a career as an urban planner at a city agency or in the City Council.