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Harriet Taub, 2017

Harriet Taub

Executive Director, Materials for the Arts, Department of Cultural Affairs.

Called a true leader in "creative reuse," Taub exemplifies the term "going above and beyond."

In a 35,000 square foot warehouse in Long Island City, Harriet Taub presides over Materials for the Arts (MFTA). Each year she and her staff of 17 and a 1,000 volunteers collect and redistribute almost 2 million pounds of materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Over 4,000 member organizations including dance, theater and arts groups, afterschool programs, public libraries, and thousands of public school teachers put the fabric, paper, trim and notions and office supplies to creative use. In addition, MFTA is among the city's largest providers of professional development courses in arts education for NYC school teachers and others. Called a true leader in "creative reuse," Taub exemplifies the term "going above and beyond."


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