2025 Sloan Teaching Award Nomination

To qualify for nomination, a teacher must be a New York City high school math or science teacher for at least five years, must teach at least four periods a day, and demonstrate excellence as an educator. The winners are chosen by an independent panel of distinguished scientists, mathematicians and educators.

Among the criteria to be used in the evaluation of the candidates are:

• Student achievement, progress and outcomes
• Teaching style and effectiveness
• Innovation and creativity in the classroom environment
• Extracurricular mathematics or science activities for students
• Success in motivating students with diverse or special backgrounds
• Use of technology where appropriate
• Promotes mathematics and science inside and outside the school
• Encourages students to pursue careers in science and mathematics, including teaching

Nominations are welcome from principals, supervisors, colleagues, students, former students, parents, associations and others who are familiar with the teacher’s work.

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