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Lois Winters, 2017

Lois Winters

Program Analyst, Office of Enforcement & Neighborhood Services, Department of Housing Preservation & Development.

"Their job is massive, but no two people are better able to meet the challenges."

Each year tenants in NYC's more than 2 million rental units register 600,000 complaints, which become the responsibility of the NYC HPD's Office of Enforcement and Neighborhood Services. There, the formidable team of AnnMarie Santiago, a policy and program expert, and Lois Winters, a data analyst, design and oversee the implementation of programs to make sure apartments are livable. A notable success is a program that identifies the city's most distressed properties. Since it began, 26,000 apartments in 2,000 buildings, which house more than 50,000 people have had their roofs, electrical, plumbing and heating systems replaced or repaired and fines are assessed against the owners. Says a colleague, "Their job is massive, but no two people are better able to meet the challenges."


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