Jeff Hamilton

Sloan Awards for Excellence in Teaching Science and Mathematics • 2022

Title and Organization Peer Collaborative Teacher, Marble Hill School for International Studies


Jeff Hamilton has had a tremendous impact at the Marble Hill School for International Studies. Whether he is serving in his role as a Peer Collaborative Teacher, recruiting excellent new staff for the school community, or engaging in workshops as a Master Teacher at Math for America, Mr. Hamilton is a leader and a role model. Looking into Mr. Hamilton’s classroom, a visitor will see a teaching style that keeps students not only on their toes, but quite literally out of their seats for the entirety of the class. Writing on whiteboards and even windows, students collaborate daily in randomized groups to solve challenging problems together. As students find their footing in each day’s challenge, knowledge can be observed moving between groups by students both offering and seeking support. Mr. Hamilton has created an environment where students work closely with one another to achieve a deeper understanding of mathematics. His teaching style has yielded measurable results—students’ scores on the geometry Regents exam as well as enrollment of multi-language learners and special needs students in advanced mathematics classes have both been climbing each year since Mr. Hamilton joined the faculty at Marble Hill. “Jeff’s classroom is a model in our school,” says Jason Garofalo, Marble Hill mathematics teacher. “If you want to see best practices, exciting learning experiences, enthusiastic students, and creative teaching—just put your head inside the door of his classroom.”