Lynette Parker

Sloan Public Service Awards • 2021

Title and Organization Supervising Attorney, Manhattan, Housing Litigation Division Office of Enforcement and Neighborhood Services, NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development


As a seasoned attorney working for the Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD), Lynette Parker is responsible for supervising all Manhattan-based cases that come through the Housing Litigation Division, New York’s most heavily litigated borough. Lynette began her law career working with the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) Family and Children’s Services Unit, overseeing cases in Family Court regarding Termination of Parental Rights, foster care placement and expungement of findings of child abuse. In 2002, she was recruited to join HPD’s Housing Litigation Division to become the Supervising Attorney for all Manhattan cases. Ms. Parker has remained in this role since, though she has since expanded her responsibilities to include the litigation of all 7-A administrator cases (considered to be the most extreme cases of landlord malfeasance) across New York City.

Concurrent with her ability to successfully manage complex and challenging legal cases, Ms. Parker has proven to be a maven for improving processes at HPD. Deborah Rand, former Assistant Commissioner of the Housing Litigation Division, recalls “I observed Ms. Parker’s development from a fledgling law student into an experienced and skilled attorney and supervisor… [she] has always been intensely committed to her work, open to suggestions and other viewpoints, passionate about public service, intent on using her skills to improve the lives of her fellow New Yorkers, and extraordinarily responsible and thoughtful.”