Celebrating Rev. Dr. Alfonso Wyatt

• 2 Minutes
We had an incredible evening of reflection, laughter, and tears at last night’s reception for Rev. Dr. Alfonso Wyatt, hosted by Aldrin Bonilla. Thank you for your many years of service at the Fund and for all you do for your countless mentees.“My job is to launch out into the deep. We’ve got an old boat but we go out, and go forth, and we seek, we rescue. We find people who can’t escape the vicissitudes of this thing called life. We are merchants of hope.” Rev. Dr. Alfonso Wyatt“This is the largest family reunion I’ve ever been a part of. […] I look around this room, brother, and you have seeded love generation, upon generation, upon generation.” Shawn DoveThank you to Sandra Escamilla, Richard Buery, Michele Cahill , and Shawn Dove for sharing your thoughts on the remarkable Rev. Dr. Alfonso Wyatt this evening.