Celebrating the 2021 Sloan Public Service Award Recipients

• 3 Minutes

The Sloan Public Service Awards are frequently referred to as “The Nobel Prize” of New York City government. The award is the most sought-after and prestigious recognition a public servant in New York City can receive. While many things have changed in government, what has not changed is the fact that public service is undervalued and under-recognized. Few people stop to consider the individuals who transform policy into programs and implement those programs under highly complex circumstances. Those who work for New York City government have come to depend on and look forward to the annual Sloan Public Service Awards to put a spotlight on the calling of public service and its superlative performance.


Traditionally, a full day is dedicated to celebrating the award recipients, starting with individual ceremonies for each winner at their place of work, followed by a consolidated, citywide celebration in The Great Hall at The Cooper Union for all the winners in the evening.  This year, as a precautionary measure due to the pandemic, the Fund did not host a citywide celebration at Cooper Union, but it did continue the tradition of presenting the Sloan Awards to winners during celebrations at their workplaces. A bus was chartered to bring members of the Selection Panel and Fund staff to each location. We hope to return to hosting the awards ceremony at the Cooper Union once it is safe to do so.

Learn more about this year’s winners.