Partner Project Highlight: Labor Day

• 3 Minutes

This Labor Day, we’d like to highlight a few partner projects that are helping to advance the economic well-being of workers in various fields.


Coalition for Women in Journalism

Established in March 2017, the Coalition for Women in Journalism is the first global support network for women journalists; its mentorship program and advocacy for a safe and flourishing professional environment create spaces for women journalists where they can be nurtured, stay safe, and expand their skills. The Coalition addresses the need for community, equality and mentorship, offering support to women from all backgrounds in all countries, dedicated to a single, vital interest: the wellbeing of its members and colleagues. The Coalition matches mid-level career journalists with mentors who offer journalistic expertise and provide safety tips for reporting from dangerous places or when facing imprisonment or sexual harassment.


Emerging Leaders Project

The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is an education based non profit organization, with a focus on professional development amongst South Bronx Youth. Through a paid work-based learning curriculum, ELP students gain in-demand professional skills, along with access to a community of trusted professionals across various industries. Students are met with foundational tools to jumpstart their future and find a path to life-fulfilling and sustainable careers.


New York City Employment & Training Coalition

Started in 1997 as a volunteer organization and incorporated in 2001, the New York City Employment and Training Coalition is the largest city-based workforce development association in the country with over 200 members providing jobs for over 600,000 New Yorkers, including community-based organizations, community colleges, proprietary schools, and union affiliated training programs. The Coalition’s broad mission is to ensure that every New Yorker has access to the skills, training, and education needed to thrive in the local economy, and that every business is able to maintain a highly skilled workforce. NYCETC achieves this by convening stakeholders across the system to understand its collective needs, developing innovative solutions to create an interconnected and effective workforce system that meets the 21st century needs of New Yorkers and the city’s growing economy, and advocating for equitable workforce development policies and investments at all levels of government that support people, communities and systems.


Regional Alliance for Small Contractors

The Regional Alliance for Small Contractors (RASC) is a NYC-based organization that has assisted the growth of small, minority, women, disadvantaged and local business enterprises in construction and associated industries since 1990. They provide training programs and networking opportunities; and promote policies and practices that improve the competitive position of S/M/W/D/LBEs thereby helping to expand the capacity of these firms to undertake contracts of increasing size and complexity. The construction industry is one of the primary economic growth engines in the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut tri-state region and provides tens of thousands of contracting opportunities and hundreds of thousands of jobs annually. More than 20,000 firm owners and employees have taken advantage of RASC programs and many now participate on numerous public and private sector construction projects throughout the area.


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