Partner Project Program

The Fund created the Partner Project Program in the early 1990s to provide support to start-up organizations so they can concentrate their energy and resources on program and fundraising. Too often, promising ideas fail to take root because the task of setting up administrative systems is time–consuming and difficult.

The Fund's Partner Project Program provides financial management services, including monthly expense and revenue reports and financial reports for funders and audits. It also provides insurance coverage and a comprehensive array of employee benefits. Being in the incubator program gives you access to a chief financial officer, comptroller, auditor, financial manager, payroll clerk, accounts payable department, human resources experts, lawyer and nonprofit coaches.

The Partner Project Program welcomes inquiries from leaders who:

  • Are starting a new project
  • Have an established organization but find themselves diverted from their mission because of unrelenting back office and administrative demands
  • Want to "outsource" their fiscal, administrative and human resource functions

If you are interested in being considered for the Partner Project Program, please send the following: Resume/CV, project description, budget (actual or projected) with revenues/expenses and list of Board of Advisers to


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