David Guzman

Sloan Public Service Awards • 2021

Title and Organization Deputy Executive Director / Chief Operating Officer, Elmhurst Hospital | New York City Health + Hospitals Corporation


A New York City native, Mr. Guzman began his career in healthcare as a Hospital Care Investigator at Coney Island Hospital in 2001. There he worked with uninsured patients to help find insurance and payment assistance options and conducted financial counseling. After a series of promotions, Mr. Guzman was appointed Assistant Controller for the hospital in 2010, where he played a major part in the development, implementation, and monitoring of the facility’s $395 million annual expense/revenue budget, while simultaneously earning a Master’s of Public Administration from Baruch College. After ten years of leadership and service, Mr. Guzman moved to Metropolitan Hospital, and in two short years, Mr. Guzman became the Deputy Chief Financial Officer for Metropolitan hospital. Tracy Green, who supervised Mr. Guzman during that time, called him her “right and left hand”. She recalled, “he knew everyone at the hospital and could calmly address and fix any issue that came up, because every staff member, from doctors to nurses to admins, knew that he respected and understood their work.”

In 2015, Mr. Guzman was recruited to become the Deputy CFO at Elmhurst Hospital, where he worked for one year, before his appointment as CFO for Elmhurst in 2016, where he works currently, managing a $600 million budget for one of New York City’s busiest and most visited hospitals. With over 300 employees falling under Mr. Guzman’s purview, he works closely with almost every department to find ways to increase efficiency and revenue for the hospital to allow its patients to continue to receive high quality care. In January 2022, Mr. Guzman was promoted to Deputy Executive Director/Chief Operating Officer of Elmhurst Hospital.