Embracing Equity: International Women’s Day 2023

• 2 Minutes

The Fund is proud to support several women-empowering groups who #EmbraceEquity by celebrating women’s achievements, educating and raising awareness for women’s equality, advocating for gender parity, and offering resources, access, and connections that are vital to the well-being and livelihood of countless women in New York and around the world. Today, we honor these:

Coalition for Women in Journalism: The Coalition for Women in Journalism, founded in March 2017, is the first global support network for women journalists. Its mentorship program and advocacy for a safe and healthy professional environment give women journalists a place to grow, stay safe, and learn. The Coalition supports women from different backgrounds and countries, focusing on their well-being. The Coalition pairs mid-career journalists with mentors who offer journalistic advice and safety guidelines for reporting from dangerous regions or while imprisoned or sexually harassed.

New Majority NYC C3 Project: The New Majority NYC seeks lasting gender parity in the leadership of New York City by empowering all women in politics. They intend to accomplish this through electing individuals running for office in New York City who identify as women and share women’s values and fundamental concerns.

WISE (Women’s Islamic Initiative in Spirituality & Equality): WISE builds the capacity of Muslim women leaders from around the world in order to elevate the status of Muslim women and girls. WISE was founded in 2006 by Daisy Khan as a project of the NYC-based American Association for Muslim Advancement to promote, collaborate, and assist Muslim women leaders globally. WISE amplifies women’s voices at all levels of political, economic, religious, and social discourse to offer creative solutions to persistent societal issues.

SMART (Sisterhood Mobilized for AIDS Research and Treatment): Sisterhood Mobilized for AIDS Research and Treatment (SMART) is a Harlem-based nonprofit agency where self-identified women and youth from underserved communities gain power and healing through education and self-advocacy. Its mission is to promote health equity by equipping participants with knowledge, tools, and resources. Based on participant needs and feedback, SMART has evolved to offer a holistic collection of intersecting programs that foster education, community building, and workforce development to effect positive change.