WISE Executive Director, Daisy Khan, Releases “30 Rights of Muslim Women”

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Founder and Executive Director of Women’s Islamic Initiative in Spirituality and Equality (WISE), Daisy Khan, has released a new book “30 Rights of Muslim Women.” The book aims to educate women on how to express their rights within Islam.

The most effective means of improving Muslim women’s lives is connecting them to their deeply held beliefs that affirm human dignity and gender equality at the core of the Islamic faith. But Muslim women lack this information that enlightens and vouches for their sacred rights and they have no accessible tools that encourage faith-based activism consistent with the Islamic faith. To protect them from being misrepresented by or outside their communities, there is a need to provide pre-packaged, easy-to-understand literacy tools to women so they can lead lives of choice, dignity, and opportunity. 30 Rights of Muslim Women aims to fill this gap.

You can order the book at Amazon and bookstores.