Ana Maria Arpi

Community Planning Fellow • 2023

University/College Columbia University


Ana Maria Arpi is pursuing a Master’s degree in Urban Planning at Columbia University. She previously earned a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture at Universidad del Azuay with a deep passion for affordable housing and zoning in New York City. Ana Maria is determined to understand the profound impact of zoning regulations affecting vulnerable communities. Ana María’s research centers on creating quality, affordable housing projects that not only improve the living conditions of residents but also foster economic development and uplift entire neighborhoods. Before starting her graduate studies, Ana María gained valuable experience as an architect in Ecuador, specializing in diverse projects such as single home designs, warehouses, and small-scale buildings. She also managed and built various projects she designed, collaborating with her father. Her dedication to architecture and urban development earned her recognition in 2020 when she won the prestigious Pan-American Biennial of Architecture for her outstanding graduation project. Driven by her commitment to social impact and community development, Ana María seeks to leverage her academic and professional expertise to create more equitable and sustainable living environments.