Nastazia Kielar

Community Planning Fellow • 2023

University/College The New School


Nastazia Kielar is pursuing a Master’s degree in Environmental Policy and Sustainable Management at The New School. She previously earned a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and a minor in Hispanic Studies at the New School. The environment has fascinated Nastazia from a young age for many reasons- the colors of flowers, the variety of animals, and how good it feels to be within a forest or lake. Growing up in Queens, the community always meant the most to her, so she focused on the intersections of environment and social justice her entire career. This has led Nastazia to collaborate with people to create community fridges, working to create platforms that teach Indigenous and Traditional Ecological knowledge, as well as learning from the people around her. Nastazia feels that the people around us teach us as much (if not more) as higher education. For those reasons being around people, learning their stories, and seeking to create meaningful relationships have driven her to work towards a better community, city, and planet. In her spare time, Nastazia enjoys reading and taking long walks