Nina Farahanchi

Community Planning Fellow • 2023

University/College Columbia University


Nina Farahanchi is pursuing a Master’s degree in Urban Planning from Columbia University with a concentration in Community and Economic Development. Before graduate school, Nina earned her Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Michigan where she developed a passion for real estate development and its role in neighborhood stabilization, community-building, and equitable outcomes. Democracy, diversity, and equity are core pillars of Nina’s approach to planning, and she strives to humanize her financial analysis skills by centering marginalized identities and communities in her work. Professionally, Nina has experience working at Apex Building Group, a New York-based W/MBE certified affordable housing developer, where she has developed a more nuanced understanding of public-private partnerships and housing as a mechanism for anti-displacement. Nina’s aspiration to embed justice in planning stems from her own experiences of marginalization, learnings from interpersonal relations, and childhood experiences witnessing the dynamic changes of the city of Detroit.