Nina Young

Community Planning Fellow • 2023

University/College Hunter College


Nina Young is pursuing a Master’s degree in Urban Planning at Hunter College. She previously earned an MFA in Photography at Williams College the School of Visual Arts, where her thesis focused on the relationship between the natural and built environment and themes of sustainability. This work and her research interest in social and political movements leading to the building of low and middle-income housing have solidified her focus on the mechanisms that keep housing affordable. Nina’s concentration is in housing and community planning and her recent internship at the Western Queens Community Land Trust combined the two. She learned about the viability of the community land trust to keep land permanently affordable and generated a community-engagement strategy for a specific project in Woodside. Nina is committed to challenging the forces of displacement and keeping what is left of New York’s socioeconomic diversity. She is also keenly sensitive to how climate change exacerbates housing issues. She loves reading, photography, and languages.