Paige Kloss

Community Planning Fellow • 2023

University/College The New School


Paige Kloss is pursuing a Master’s degree in Environmental Policy & Sustainability Management at The New School. They graduated from Towson University with a Bachelor’s degree in Religious studies and Philosophy, focusing on the intersections between religion, social justice, and nature. Paige has developed an interest in community planning through their understanding of the interconnectedness of all issues. They are particularly interested in the connections between environmental justice, disability justice, and queer/trans liberation. By exploring the transformative power of collective land ownership and food sovereignty, they seek to further understand how these initiatives can serve as a means toward liberation and collective healing. This is something Paige has witnessed in action through their volunteer work at Bushwick City Farm. They believe that empowering communities to reclaim their land and food systems is crucial, requiring acknowledgment and addressing of intersecting forms of discrimination to build self-determined and resilient communities that can effectively navigate the challenges posed by the climate crisis. In their free time, Paige enjoys up-cycling old clothing and goods, writing, skateboarding, hiking, and reading.