In Memoriam of Debby Lee Cohen

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Ms. Cohen in 2019 in Orient, N.Y., on Long Island. Credit via Cohen Family

We are saddened to share the passing of Debby Lee Cohen, Founder and Executive Director of partner project Cafeteria Culture.

Through her commitment to achieve equitable zero waste in NYC public schools, Debby Lee paved the way for New York City’s 2019 and New York State’s 2022 foam bans. With passion, leadership, and immense kindness, she worked with her team to lead school curriculums and initiatives, such as “Plastic Free Waters” and “Trayless Tuesdays” and empowered NYC public school students on using creative solutions to address environmental justice and sustainability issues in their communities. 

Debby Lee was a true friend and part wr of the Fund since 2010. We at the Fund are committed to supporting the work of Cafeteria Culture and her team as they continue to fulfill Debby Lee’s vision of providing New York City public school students with equal access to the highest quality environmental education, climate literacy, and participatory civics.


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