Juneteenth Partner Project Highlight

• 2 Minutes

On this Juneteenth, we want to highlight a few of our amazing partner projects that work toward racial justice and inclusion. If you’re interested in learning more about them and our other 80+ partner projects, please visit the partner project directory.


Brooklyn Movement Center

Brooklyn Movement Center (BMC) is a Black-led, membership-based organization of Central Brooklyn residents dedicated to social justice, racial justice, food sovereignty, and reforming police policies and practices. BMC nurtures local leadership using an integration of traditional community organizing, web-centered base-building, a BMC podcast, campaign support and technical assistance. 


Center for Measurement Justice

The Center for Measurement Justice (CMJ) is a new research center dedicated to justice-oriented educational assessments. CMJ envisions a future in which all learners, especially Black, Brown, and Indigenous students, experience school assessments that validate their cultural identities and measure what they, their communities, and their families care about. CMJ’s work is to do and fund anti-racist measurement research, support the next generation of anti-racist assessment professionals, and build awareness about justice-oriented measurement by providing research-based information to the field of education leaders, policy makers, and practitioners. Their goal is to become the epicenter of engagement and research on social justice-oriented educational measurement.


Harlem Wellness Center

Harlem Wellness Center was founded in 2003 with the mission to close the racial health gap by providing access to innovative and holistic wellness programs that empower individuals, strengthen communities, and create spaces where all can connect, heal, and thrive. HWC accomplishes its mission through engaging programs that blend mindfulness, holistic health activities, nature, and the arts.


Ownership is the Future

Ownership is the Future is a rigorous pathway designed for Black students during their junior year of high school to shift to an ownership mindset by building their own enterprises and creating their own investment portfolios as a foundation for their college years. Through a credit-bearing elective course, students learn in an intensive year with expert coaching and mentorship how to translate the skills and mindset of ownership to their academic careers, community leadership and venture development.