Jamaica Bay-Rockaway Parks Conservancy named 2022 ALSA-NY Honor Award Recipient

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The American Society of Landscape Architects of New York (ASLA-NY) have announced Dirtworks Landscape Architecture and the West Pond Living Shoreline project as a 2022 ASLA-NY Honor Award Recipient.  We would like to congratulate our partner project, Jamaica Bay-Rockaway Parks Conservancy, on this achievement.

Designed by Dirtworks Landscape Architecture, the West Pond Living Shoreline shares in the challenges of Jamaica Bay – sediment starvation, marsh accretion outpaced by sea level rise, vegetation compromised by nutrient loading, and increasing storm severity. In response to damage during Superstorm Sandy, the West Pond Living Shoreline project considers the complex interplay of a shifting estuarine ecosystem and the National Park Service’s programmatic and accessibility goals. It leverages Jamaica Bay’s dynamic natural systems to reestablish, protect and sustain West Pond’s critical marsh habitat.

The ASLA-NY jury selected this project for an Honor Award, noting “the role of the Landscape Architect went far beyond what is often done, taking on the coordination of a diverse and effective group of professionals, volunteers and public agencies.”