Mariam Eliasu

Community Planning Fellow • 2023

University/College Baruch College


Mariam Eliasu is pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Administration at the Austin W. Marxe School of Public and International Affairs at Baruch College. She previously earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Valley View University in Ghana. Mariam is passionate about helping others and reaching out to underserved communities, especially the immigrant community. Mariam is an immigrant herself who comes from Ghana, West Africa. With her experiences living in a third-world country, Mariam knows what poverty and inequity in resource allocation and distribution feel like and what it means to the most vulnerable women, children, and the elderly. Hence, Mariam strongly believes in equity and social justice. Mariam thought understanding how businesses work would solve the injustices she witnessed daily. Mariam then founded a nonprofit called Sadaqa Train to help the poor and the needy in 2013. Mariam later realized she is more inclined to serve in the public or non-profit sector, which led her to pursue a master’s degree in public administration. Outside of her career pursuits, Mariam enjoys exploring the city with her supportive husband and children. Going from parks to playgrounds and trying different street foods and restaurants have been a hobby she and her children enjoy a lot. New York City has so much to offer. Seeing the diversity on every corner encourages Mariam to fight for the marginalized and join circles and discourse that ensures equity and social justice.