Soda Bizimana

Community Planning Fellow • 2023

University/College Columbia University


Soda Bizimana is currently pursuing a Master of Science (MS) degree in Urban Planning at Columbia University, where his primary interest lies in the areas of Land Use Planning and Affordable Housing. Soda has an MS in GIS for Environment and Sustainable Development and a BS in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Rwanda. With over seven years of practical experience, he has developed his skills across various domains, including GIS, urban planning, and environmental analysis. Soda’s career highlights include roles as a GIS Officer for the City of Kigali office, a GIS Expert at SHER CONSULT/GROUP ARTELIA on the “Water for Growth Project,” and as an Urban Planning Intern at the Rwanda Housing Authority. He contributed significantly to a Columbia University urban planning studio project, “Recalibrating Post-Pandemic Planning in Downtown Staten Island.” Keen to join the FCNY Community Planning Fellowship program, Soda aims to apply his skills, gain hands-on experience, engage with local stakeholders, and develop his community-based planning insights. Soda believes his participation would contribute to local communities and enhance his capacity to address urban challenges in cities like New York.